Thursday, December 5, 2013


Hey! Good news everyone our site was pretty stealthy and we have moved everything from our blog to a legitimate website!! Check it out and bookmark it, we will now be using the website as our main site instead of the blog to provide solid content on training, building, and news from the show.


I will also be attaching alot of our pages on the website into the the new site. Thanks for your support and interest in the CCNWTC without your support we will not have been able to take the steps and grown how we have. This is our last blog post here :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Central California Ninja Warrior Training Course Fall Invite 13' Results: Quest for Total Victory 4 and Catch the Koi

     It has been a week now since the Fall Invite for 2013 has passed. It was a truly inspiring an amazing event. I feel blessed to have such an amazing turnout for this event which I believe is one of the largest ninja warrior competitor turnouts on the west coast and matches with some of the best from the East Coast. We went from 27 people in our first seasonal invite (Summer) to 55 people in 3 months for our Fall Invite!

     I think it goes to show if you build something for people, without yourself in mind, and for the people you know who are passionate about it. It will be successful and turn out for the best. I hope we continue to grow, continue to build, bring together, and strengthen the ninja warrior community in our events and bring up more and better designed backyard training grounds across America.
     So I know you’re wondering! What is all the stats? Who won? Who lost? How did everyone do? Well here it is the complete breakdown of the 2 Day event and our Quest for Total Victory 4!
Their may be some mistakes, if so please email me or message on facebook. It took me about 3-4hs to put this together.

Quest for Total Victory Results (Fall Invite video playlist here)

Stage 1: Goal-Complete 6 obstacles in 120 seconds.
  1. Brian Kretsch - Completed: 65 seconds
  2. Thaddeus Robeck - Completed: 76 seconds
  3. Alex Jolly - Completed: 80 seconds
  4. David Campbell - Completed: 88 seconds
  5.  Alan Connealy - Completed: 94 seconds
  6. Jason Huewe - Completed: 100 seconds(just for kicks, not for competition)
  7. Tom Carpenter - Completed: 104 seconds
  8. Alex Krumland - Completed: 105 seconds
  9. Travis Weinand - Completed: 112 seconds
  10. Yen Chen - Timed out: @ Warped Wall
  11. Chris Yang - Timed out: @ Warped Wall
  12. Andres De la Rosa - Timed out: @ Warped Wall
  13. Mike Bernardo - Timed out: @ Warped Wall
  14. Aryan Guenther: Timed out: @ Warped Wall
  15. Scott VanBuskirk - Timed out: @ Warped Wall
  16. Gabe Hurtado - Time out: Warped Wall
  17. Ryan Wakefield - Timed out: Warped Wall
  18. James Paugh - Timed out: Warped Wall
  19. Ricky Chen - Timed out: Warped Wall
  20. Kyle Kim - Timed out: Warped Wall
  21. Timmy Do - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! at 32s
  22. Cristopher vom Kohlen- Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @45s
  23. James Paugh - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 45s
  24. Jacob Ellis - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 45s
  25. Emmanuel Lopez - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 45s 
  26. Jamil Antoine - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 46s
  27. Chris Luera - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 66s
  28. Micheal Mori - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 51s 
  29. Robert Ing - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 52s
  30. Lowe Rodd - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 56s
  31. Kelvin Antoine - Failed at Half Pipe Attack! @ 60s
  32.      (there was confusion on Kelvin's run as to where the landing area was. Due to my lack of communication Kelvin thought the crash pad was the landing area. He was later given a redo run but did not do as well his second time around. Sorry G-pa! )
  33. David Mytyk - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 75s
  34. Andrew Thompson - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 84s
  35. Corinne Kohlen - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 88s
  36. Mira Manickam  - Failed: Half Pipe Attack! @ 97s
  37. Alvaro Campos - Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 18s
  38. Riley Kane - Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 24s
  39. Tyler Ruiz - Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 26s
  40. Chris Baum - Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 27s
  41. Richard Mori - Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 31s
  42. Jeff Fox - Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @32s
  43. David Mori- Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 33s
  44. Greg Fox - Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 34s
  45. Chad Pickens - Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 35s
  46. Hugo Hurtion - Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 37s
  47. Kirk Johannns - Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 52s
  48. Joseph Range - Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 52s
  49. Michael Mori- Failed: Nunchuck Swing to Cargo Net @ 56s
  50. Barry Betha - Failed: Quintuple Steps @35s
  51. Ryan Black - Failed: Quintuple Steps @ 41s
Matthew Garcia: Injured an old injury before competition during open training and did not compete.
Steve Herbalman: Did not show.
Brad Murasco: Did not show.

Stage 2: Goal - Complete 5 obstacles in 80 seconds

  1. Brian Kretsch - Completed:  55 seconds 
  2. Thaddeus Robeck - Completed:  61 seconds
  3. David Campbell - Failed: Metal Jump @ 73s
  4. Alex Krumland - Failed: Double Salmon Ladder (second beam-2nd rung) @ 43s
  5. Travis Weinland - Failed: Double Salmon Ladder (second beam-1st rung) @ 36s
  6. Tom Carpenter - Failed: Double Salmon Ladder @ 24s
  7. Alex Jolly - Was not present.
  8.  Alan Connealy - Was not present.

Stage 3: Goal - Finish 6 obstacles. No time limit. Max rest between 30s.

  1. Thaddeus Robeck - Failed:  Crazy Cliffhanger @ 3rd-4th ledge transfer
  2. Brian Kretsch - Failed: Crazy Cliffhanger @ 2nd ledge

Catch the Koi (135s to complete)

  1. Yen Chen: Finished @ 122s
  2. David Campbell: Finished @ 124s
  3. Mike Bernardo: Completed in: 153s
  4. Robert Ing: Completed in: 257s
  5. Brian Kretsch: Stoped @ Climbing Wall
  6. Travis Weinand: Stopped @ Pegboard
  7. Chris Luera: Stopped @ Cliff Hanger
  8. Jason Huewe: Stopped @ Baumbay Grasper

Friday, October 25, 2013

Roster for the: Central California Ninja Warrior Training Course - Fall Invite Event 2013

An here we are our largest competition yet with a full 54 competitors coming into Stage 1 of the 2 day event. Please visit our online live stream as we broadcast our tournament live at
Get ready to go on a Quest for Total Victory 4!
  1. Alex Jolly
  2. Matthew Garcia
  3. Riley Kane
  4. Steve Herbalman
  5. Tyler Ruiz
  6. Aryan Guenther
  7. Alvaro Campos
  8. Chris Luera
  9. Hugo Hurtion
  10. Lowe Rodd
  11. Tom Carpenter
  12. Andrew Thompson
  13. Brad Murasco
  14. Corinne Kohlen
  15. Gabe Hurtado
  16. Jeff Fox
  17. Micheal Mori
  18. Scott VanBuskirk
  19. Alex Krumland
  20. Cristopher vom Kohlen
  21. Barry Betha
  22. Kirk Johannns
  23. Robert Ing
  24. Jamil Antoine
  25. Emmanuel Lopez
  26. Jacob Ellis
  27. David Mytyk
  28. Richard Mori
  29. James Paugh
  30. Greg Fox
  31. David Mori
  32. Forest Grey Chang-Turpen
  33. Kelvin Antoine
  34. Ryan Wakefield
  35. Travis Weinland
  36. Mike Bernardo
  37. Ryan Black
  38. Timmy Do
  39. Chad Pickens
  40. Chris Baum
  41. Joseph Range
  42. Mira Manickam
  43. Ricky Chen
  44. Kyle Kim
  45. Yen Chen
  46. Chris Yang
  47. Andres De la Rosa
  48. David Campbell (coming sunday)
  49. Brian Kretsch (coming sunday)
  50. Thaddeus Robeck
and our Half-Day(mini-ninjas) who are competing in just stage one are!!
   M51. Alex Kexel 
   M52. Alan Connealy
   M53. Ali Leitheiser
   M54. Grant Connealy

I'm looking forward to meeting all my good ninja friends and the new ones. Lets have some fun and play safe!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The CCNWTC Fall Invite is upon us! Possibly the West Coasts largest Ninja Warrior Event.

In 1 week we will be starting our last Seasonal Invite event of this year. With an estimated 40+ competing ninjas over a Full 4 Stage (all near/full scale obstacles) competition! We are guessing from what we have seen at other Ninja Warrior events on this side of the US that this is probably the largest event on the West Coast not associated with the tv show "American Ninja Warrior" by NBC/G4.

I am super excited and a little scared haha but we are going to have a blast. I feel so blessed to have an amazing course to where I can hold events like this for all my ninja buddies and help bring new people into it as well. So let me give you the download on the event if you didn't know.

That's right we got a Ustream account and will be streaming the stages live via this link:
Follow it! Bookmark it!
We may even do a ninja breakfast broadcast from Batter Up Pancakes haha

If you couldn't see it before here are the complete event details below:
CCNWTC Fall Invite Event Details - PDF View
If you have been training for Ninja Warrior and wish to sign up you better hurry! Read the ALL of the event packet and if it looks good to you email me at and I will give you the registration link.
NOTE: Registration closes at midnight, October 22nd, 2013

We have some amazing sponsors and one new one!
Our Course Sponsors are:
FTF Fitness
Hylete Performance Apparel (use promo code: PBHXTNRGK  for 25% off)
So iLL Holds
Les Schwab Tire Center
Hard Driven Apparel and Screen Printing

Our event sponsors are:
FTF Fitness
Hylete Performance Apparel
Batter Up Pancakes
Sweet River Bar and Grill
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Convex Photography

As you may have guessed it So iLL Holds is our newest course sponsor. These guys are amazing and have been in business for 11yrs. They own a state of the art climbing gym(Climb So iLL) with full member services like 24hr climbing. As well they make some amazing and unique and durable holds that are pretty ill (see what I did their ;)) Make sure to check out their website and consider them for your next or first climbing hold purchase, they are really cool company.  I find that they are perfect fit with the CCNWTC as we both like black and green haha and we both like to be different and unique. Enjoy the video below.

So iLL: Holds Everywhere from So iLL on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Ok so much has happened it is hard to know where to begin. Lets start with whats coming up here soon!!!

If you haven't seen it this is a 9m video of what the vision and plans are for the course in the upcoming year.

We are taking Pre-Orders for our first shirt and hoodie the CCNWTC Koi design.
Right now it is free shipping inside the United States and discounted for pre-orders till October 8.
You can order here!

Also we are getting ready for our MASSIVE 2 day event the CCNWTC Fall Invite: Open Training and Quest for Total Victory 4
Our seasonal invites are only held 3 times a year and this is the last one for this year. We are giving away a total of $1,700 in prizes and each person that registers gets a welcome package valued at $30+ from our sponsors and us. For more details on this 2 day event please CLICK HERE to view the complete details via PDF.

We have been working on installing a new 45 degree rock climbing feature coming from the tower. Along with that for the past almost 2 weeks I have been deconstructing and rebuilding the Quintuple Steps from their ashes. They truely needed it!

I also released a video showing 3 of our new obstacles!